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Berlin: Remains of the Wall

Berlin: Remains of the Wall. Not all of the Wall came down, 20 years ago. Preserving a section of it as a reminder of man's inhumanity to man is so important. I took this photo on my first visit to Berlin, in 2008, from the 'Western' side of the wall (actually from the south, as the wall runs west-east at this point, along Niederkirchnerstraße). An exhibition below it here, Topography of Terror, documents the course of 'official terrorism' from the 30s till the fall of the wall; it's very moving and thought provoking. Along the road is the Checkpoint Charlie Haus; nearby are boards with many quotes and comments and photos, including the well-known picture [attributed to Reuters: I can't find the photographer's name] of the great cellist Mstislav Rostropovich – 'Slava' – one of my all-time musical heroes, playing Bach cello suites at a breach in the wall a day or so after it fell.

Berlin was one of the destinations on my Grand Tour.

Technical: COOLPIX P5000, f=10.1 mm, ISO200, 1/130 sec @ f3.9

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