John Sandell photography
Cartier in Motion

Cartier in Motion. Photographed across the foyer of the Design Museum in its superb new home in Kensington High Street, London. I liked the sense of movement in the elegant young lady's pose – feet pointing one way, head looking the other – as she stood in front of the exhibition banner: "in motion", as it were. While her upper half is dimly lit, her mauve skirt and part of her blue-green rucksack are emphasised by the bright light running under the handrail. In competition the judge wanted her to move to the left to clear the small text on the banner, which might have been nice but I'm not sure it's that important. In any case the young lady was a long way away, and we'd never met! He also thought (incorrectly) that the top half of the image was obscured by glass above the handrail and wanted the brightness to match the lower half, which would seem to destroy much of the point of the picture.

Technical: NIKON D3200, f=55.0 mm, ISO3200, 1/80 sec @ f8.0

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