John Sandell photography
Caught in the Light

Caught in the Light. At a camera club evening of night photography, my friend Peter made artistic circles with a bare-bulb torch on the end of a length of string for a minute and a half or so, while I held down the shutter release with the speed set to 'Bulb'. Sadly there is no 'Time' setting on modern cameras – in the olden days the shutter could stay open until the release button was pressed a second time. The lens had been focussed before the shot started and then switched to manual. Afterwards, with Long Exposure Noise Reduction switched on (as it always is), another 93 seconds had to pass before the camera could save the image to the card, by which time everyone had gone inside for tea. This final image is 60% of the full frame. There's no significant post-processing, except to remove some reflections from Peter's glasses.

Technical: NIKON D800, f=105.0 mm, ISO200, 93 sec @ f8.0

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