John Sandell photography
Cycle Path

Cycle Path. I guess this image would be defined as a pattern picture, if it has to be defined at all. Certainly a mix of textures, from the hatched lines of the terraced planting to the intersecting circles of the red paving. A strong diagonal from bottom right to top left (is that allowed?), crossing a 'curved diagonal' from the cyclist round the top of the image to the top right corner. The photo was taken from a footpath beside a railway bridge over the river, near the huge cathedral in Cologne [Köln], Germany, as I set out on my Grand Tour in September 2008. Coming back to the picture now I rather like it, even if I can't really say why! I think the two people in the background are important in blocking off that corner of the image. A small but careful crop.

2011 East Anglian Federation (EAF) Exhibition

Technical: NIKON D300, f=18.0 mm, ISO400, 1/320 sec @ f9.0

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