John Sandell photography
Mysterious Wood

Mysterious Wood. Taken in the wood that runs down the west side of Buttermere, in the English Lake District, late one afternoon in March 2006. The light was dim, as the 1/40 sec. exposure shows, and there was almost no contrast. I was carrying a tripod, which I'd used earlier in the day for a panorama on the other side of this same wood, and which I used here as a monopod.

So the colour was encouraged a lot in processing, to give a grass green roughly the colour my eye made it on the day, and to overdo the faintest hint of a pink sunset visible through the trees. The tree trunks are speckled with a lovely duck egg blue. 19/20 in competiton.

Technical: Nikon D100, 12-24mm f/4 lens @ 24mm, 1/40 at f/5.6, ISO200

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