John Sandell photography

Neighbours. I was attracted by the contrasting styles and proportions of these two conjoined buildings in Ebertstrasse in Berlin (about 150m north of Potsdamer Platz). I imagine they would have been built at around the same time in the 1990s, although in competition the judge was fooled by the older style of the balcony guard panels on the right and assumed it was an old structure. The building on the left is the Berlin Marriott Hotel; the grey building on the right appears to be an office block (it's also seen in 'High Offices'). I was shooting upwards somewhat with the 85mm lens, picking a centreline where neighbouring windows were aligned, and the verticals have been straightened in Photoshop. The image here is virtually full frame, with the slight crop carefully judged to give "neutral" corners.

Technical: NIKON D800, f=85.0 mm, ISO200, 1/640 sec @ f9.0

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