Evening in Warsaw

Evening in Warsaw. The last rays of Autumn sun on the attractive buildings surrounding the central square in Warsaw, as we made a rapid familiarisation visit with our tour leader after a fairly stressful flight [just after the peak of the 2006 airport security restrictions – would camera gear have to go in the hold?] and before heading out to the country the following day. The buildings are not as old as they look, of course, having been rebuilt pretty much to the original mediaeval plans after they were literally flattened by the Nazis in revenge for the Warsaw uprising in 1943.

The square was darker than it looks here, and this was a good early test for the new 18-200mm VR [vibration reduction] lens, which had been on order for months and only arrived a couple of weeks before the trip. I'd earmarked it as a good do-it-all travel lens, and so it proved to be. Not only good for stopping the shakes and blurry pics, but also for steadying the wobbles and allowing good framing – it's quite tricky getting the right number of windows and the right bits of roof in a shot like this. The verticals were converging slightly and I straightened them up in Photoshop.

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