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Vanity Fair

An Unlikely Start in Colour Printing: Two of the members of my camera club in the early '70s – by coincidence both doctors, one of them retired – were producing colour prints, and I was very envious. We were told it was a tricky thing to do: it needed close temperature control, total darkness, and a special enlarger. One winter's evening the retired doctor gave a talk on how to make colour prints. Unfortunately the blackout in our school meeting room was not very good and some sodium street light was shining through. And the good doctor, being a little absent minded, had forgotten his dish warmers. But by the end of the evening, and after a long time in the chemicals, he had produced some very reasonable colour prints. I was hooked.

This print was not among my first attempts at colour, but it's from that early period and later had some success in open exhibitions:

1973 East Anglian Federation (EAF) Exhibition

1973 Essex International Salon of Photography

1974 South Shields International Salon of Photography

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