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The Spam Report

This is a chart produced by my mail client, Eudora 6.1, showing the total amount of email received each month since the beginning of 2003. Since the majority of my email is spam the chart effectively shows the dramatic increase in spam over that time. Most of this mail is to my company's domain (not this one) and the spam is meant to be filtered out by the ISP. As you can see, the filtering hasn't always worked too well!


Emails/month, 2003-2004

Comment: Someone pressed the right buttons and the June total fell back to be the same as April's, though that's still more than three times what it was at the same time last year. Since then the spam to all my accounts has been hovering just over 1500/month, but the graph has just a hint of upward trend about it!



Updated: 1 November 2004


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