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The Pic Chart

This table shows the five most popular and the five least popular photos for each of the last six months, out of 257 on the site. As usual, clicking a thumbnail will open the full size picture, from where you can go on to look at thumbnails of related images.
These positions are calculated from the ISP statistics up to the end of December 2002, and are updated each month. They simply show which of the full size images have been requested most or least; I pass no comment on why a particular image might or might not be popular!  All photos on the site are included, whether they're in the Photography, Trekking or Postcards sections.


  Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 
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Techie Note: This is a small demonstration of Database Publishing on the Web. Webstats generated by my ISP are imported into a custom database which provides information about the number of visitors and which files they've looked at. As part of this process, the database works out the most and least popular image files and exports an HTML file with headers, footers, links and formatting generated automatically. The process takes just a few minutes once I've downloaded the webstats file. (As it happens, Database Publishing is one of the things I do for a living!).

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