John Sandell photography
Jerwood Library, Cambridge

Jerwood Library plaqueThe Jerwood Library, Cambridge. Another photo with my favourite Nikon 28mm f/2.8 AI-S manual focus lens, dating from the early 1990s, shot partly as a test to see how well this old lens would perform on the new D800. It turned out rather well: the image on the right is a 100% crop of part of the plaque towards the left of the building (the light grey splodges are marks on the plaque, not JPG artifacts!). The verticals in the full picture are vertical and straight.

I love this 1998 building, whch brings modern architecture to the banks of the River Cam while echoing the feel of the existing college buildings and matching their historic bricks and roof tiles. In competition a judge criticised the inclusion of the handrail of the bridge, which to my mind is essential as a lead-in (and I like the reflection in its curved top surface).

Technical: NIKON D800, f=28.0 mm, ISO200, 1/1250 sec @ f5.6

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