John Sandell photography
Nikolaikirche, Leipzig

Nikolaikirche, Leipzig. The Nikolaikirche has a remarkable white and pink and pastel green leafy interior, dating from the late 18th century and a complete contrast to the sombre and difficult-to-photograph mediaeval exterior. It was the rallying point for protestors during the Wende, the peaceful revolution that led to the end of Communist rule and ultimately to German reunification.

I visited the church on my ‘Grand Tour’ in 2008. Innocently taking my personal photos I was suddenly aware that I'd been targeted from the other end of the church by a busy young man who approached me, very agitated, and spluttered something about photos which I didn't understand; it transpired that he was concerned about people taking commercial photos. "Take as many as you wish, but not for sale". It's one of the problems of using a semi-pro camera with a biggish lens, I suppose.

Technical: NIKON D300, f=18.0 mm, ISO1600, 1/60 sec @ f4.0

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