John Sandell photography
Dome of Salzburg Cathedral

Dome of Salzburg Cathedral. I visited Salzburg's Domkirche on my ‘Grand Tour’ in 2008 and was bowled over by the frescoes lining the roof, and especially the inside of the dome. In the dome they depict scenes from the Old Testament and are thought to be by the Italian painters Mascagni and Solari. The first early Baroque church north of the Alps, the Domkirche was consecrated on September 25, 1628. The heavily fortified city escaped most of the hardships of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), and the consecration of the Cathedral was the largest and most pompous festival that Salzburg ever experienced.

Technical: NIKON D300, f=42.0 mm, ISO1600, 1/60 sec @ f6.3

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