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Two Columns

Two Columns. Another image from my Edinburgh trip in September 2007, this time isolating two pillars of the splendid National Gallery of Scotland, the building set back from Prince's Street, behind the Royal Scottish Academy building. [Perhaps I should rename it Pillars of the Establishment]. It had been raining most of the day – this was taken mid afternoon – and I was making the most of a very welcome break in the clouds and some brighter and warmer light. The water lying on the paving has darkened it nicely, and the contrast in the stonework of the walls and pillars is somewhat enhanced.

On the face if it a straightforward shot, with a medium wideangle and a slowish shutter speed, aided by some convenient railings. But I've spent quite a long time in the Lens Correction filter in Photoshop making sure that the picture is absolutely square on [it wasn't that far out, honest!] and correcting perspective and some slight pincushion distortion. The pillars still look as if they taper at the top. Which of course they should, as any good Roman architect knows. I also beefed up the colour in the banner, as the original had faded over the Summer and was looking rather weak compared to the stonework.

Technical: NIKON D100, f=26.0 mm, ISO200, 1/90 sec @ f6.3

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