John Sandell photography

Club Competitions 2003/2004

I've been a member of Hertford and District Camera Club since 1972. Like most clubs we hold print and slide competitions through the season, with the aim of showing off our work and receiving helpful criticism from visiting judges. Hopefully our photography improves over time, both artistically and technically. These images were the more presentable of my offerings for the four print competitions in the 2003/4 season. It was the year my Dad died, which perhaps accounts for the blue-black feel of all the pics.

The competitions are a good incentive to produce new prints, and there's always a buzz on competition nights, with the hope that the judge will like the pics or will at least react sensibly. A good mark is nice, a good comment is better. Sometimes they'll produce valid criticism, and I realize too late in my seat at the back that they're absolutely right. Other times they miss the point altogether...

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