Competition Images


The images below are some of my entries for the Print and Projected Digital Image (PDI) competitions in the 2011/12 season of Hertford and District Camera Club. Like most photo clubs there are a number of compe­titions through the season – for colour and mono­chrome prints, and now for projected digital images rather than colour slides – to enable us to show off our work while receiving what we hope will be helpful comments from visiting judges. Here, these pages are a handy way to publish some recent photography. Click the images for technical details and extended captions.

Many of the images are from a 2011 visit to Germany – to Berlin and nearby cities – more details of which are in my Grand Tour blog. Inevitably the images from the trip tend to be travel pictures, documenting the places them­selves, rather than ‘arty’ photos that can be put on display or used in competitions. But visiting a new location always provides a stimulus for various types of photo­graphy, and I hope I’ve managed to pull out some unusual views and make something of them.

In particular I spent time at the huge and controversial Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, where I found it possible – and perhaps necessary – to separate the shapes of the blocks from the buzz of modern life going on around them; more thoughts with the larger images. All photos taken on the Nikon D300, mostly using the Nikkor 18-200mm VR zoom; technical details of each with the larger images (click on the thumbnails to see them).

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